1st week.


Ok i know baru first week, and i mentioned earlier how fun it is to work at PDI.
Until today that is. My left ankle was swolen! Sampai tak nampak buku lali. Dah bercantum. And i cant even walk properly. Its soooo painful! Thanks to the double full shift i had the day before!
The data entry job at ING seems soooo good right now. Adoi!

It takes me 10 mins to walk to the toilet. Frustrating betul!
Thank god today was a morning shift. Petang boleh blk umah terus.
Rendam kaki dlm air garam sampai kaki kecut, dinner, then had abah massage my feet. Woooo sakit! but afterwards, lega la sikit. I still cant walk properly but if i walk sideways, not as painful la.

Damnit tomoro rmai org with the school holidays and all! Noooooooo!! plus the marketing guy (who i think is hiding his gayness) is coming. Leceh betul! Dahla shift dgn si gay tu. Sey laaaa!!!

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  1. kea

    what u work as, ar, until ur kaki can swollen one? Summore, 10 minutes to toilet! Ayoyo, if for me like that, ar, my pants sure wet punya.

    anyway, can get discount for me, ar? kidding, lah.

    have fun and take care.


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