Posted, delivered and read.


The title refers to the previous post.
Turns out mum didn't really like me posting those 'about me' list.
She expects men who read that will take my words and turn it into a challenge.
Oh well, since she already read it..i can edit and delete the list.
And to those who have read it, don't take it as a challenge.
Although, if there is any of you who thinks that they can fit in my list (ie..tahan my kerenah and cerewet-ness) feel free to send in forms! heh heh heh...kidding!

Shout out to aunty ena, aunty ton, aunty was fun chatting with you 'tak muda' lots! =)
And ipohmali, i know u read my blog, drop some comments laaaa. Nice talking to u too.

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  1. Ok-lah, keano

    I am leaving my paw prints here.

    Your posts are good, wor! I cannot write like dat one.

    Maybe I will go to the chat room 2nite.

  2. i've got no idea whut u posted in 'about me' but as a word of advice.. internet bahaya ohh!!

    cheers ;)


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