Book fair review.


Went there yesterday, with Ju and Diyana. My classmates from school.
That was the shortest, most boring, feet-tiring, book fair i have ever been to.

They separated the booths to a few floor, different rooms, different section, sangat tidak best.
Dahla tu, kecik semacam je the rows. The years before, its a BIG spread, never ending rows and fun fun fun!
This year things seems different. What went wrong?

Is it because of the company or the almost nonexistent crowd?
Is it because this is the first time i went there without abah and/or mama?
Is it because i have and brought less money than the other years?
Is it because im out of school so the publicators seems unimportant?
Is it because the books there does not cut out as my reading materials anymore?

What went wrong?

*I did bought I Am Muslim by Dina Zaman though. Finishing it later. 2 more chapters.
Malas nk buat review..but i can tell u something though. The book was taken from the writer's olumn from the website malaysiakini therefore, the format semacam la sikit. AND...since i have been blog-hopping for a few weeks now dan dah terbiasa comment and review, i cant help wanting to gave her my feedback.
Dah parah ini org.

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