SISWA models for technology article and the cover!


Hey yall!! As promised, more details on our photo shoot. We gathered at Dawama around 11 but had our photos taken at Balai Tun Syed Nasir, which is in DBP’s old building. Had our make ups done (by ourselves) using Iman’s. Sorry babe. Some change into different clothing due to the very bland colour. (Ie: Iman and Izzati, they were wearing white.)

First up is Iman for the individual shot. She had a few takes since shes the first. Need to start up the mood as they say it. She looked so pretty by the way. Sorry I don’t have a copy of her individual shot but I think she’ll be on the cover. Next up is Zunny, the amoi. HahahaZunny’s facial expression is funny but still nice. She looked fun and vibrant! Have a look yourself. Izzati’s turn! Had a couple of takes until the editor (who said she wanted mix faces just this morning) exclaimed “eh, betullah, you ni photogenic!”

Aha! When you said you wanted pretty faces, I get you pretty faces. I even got you HOT girls! I know my friends, I know how they take photos, I know they love to pose, I know who they are. Next time try lah dulu. Jangan terus announce you nak mix heritage girls. And especially not in front of them. Terasa la kot! Melayu tak lawa ke? Oh before I forgot. This is jaja’s pose. Cute aint it?

Here are a few group photos to accompany the article. Mind you I was forced to pose too.

Last shot with the crew. The guy in turquoise is our photography director, Abg Hafiz. Kinda like Jay Manuel. The woman in blue is the editor. And us.

It’s a wrap guys! Find the June issue in stores!

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  1. Wow wow! So pretty one.

    I think Malay gals hv natural beauty. I got chance or not, ar? If they like Chinese guys, maybe I got chance.....hehehe

  2. Eleh. kate dah ada gf? Jangan nk curang!

  3. Wow!! Pretty, pretty girls!



    Take care, dear.



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