Thats how you pronounce it!
Im bored, so lets blog!
No mood for 13++ list
No mood for family talk.
No mood for friends tale.
What am i in the mood for?
Im in mood for stories from others!
Mane lagi blog yg will keep me interested for a long time?
I tend to get bored easily, and i read fast.
Jadi when i found a good blog, i usually spent the night reading all the posts.
As of now, found a few. Best!

My Links
Tuesday with Bapak(TWA): Story of A Samad Ismail(shame on you if u dont know who he is!!) written by his daughter, Nuraina.
Kaki Cucuk Langit: Funny man, vulgar and obscene. Not recommended for close minded people.
Kak Lisha's blog: linked under entertainment. best! funny and real.
I am Muslim too: Compiled stories about the faith and religion of people.

Not Linked Yet
Ma& Brood: Story of Mak Andeh, a single mum raising her 3 kids. Anonymously and mysteriously written. (ie: smiley face pasted on real faces)

When will i have my own community? Jealous tgk Yasmin Ahmad's and Aunty Ena's. Ramai and soooooo fun!

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