Interesting things, happening this week.


Hmm haven't been updating. No much interesting things in the past week. As for this week, aha!

  1. Im mastering the art of parking a car! Yay! but that can only happen if i can control the clutch.
  2. Im starting work at PDI on Wednesday.
  3. Oh yes! Tomorrow ada photo shoot for magazine cover. Hahaha funny that i got a call for a photo shoot. With 3 other girls (my pick) since the editor asked me to recruit them.*
  4. Abah getting really busy, meetings and planning for a major event in September. (Not exactly interesting, but im happy for him!)
  5. Hmm...entah laa. Ill update more. Blogger's block is catching up on me

* Supposedly 4 girls including myself for the photo shoot. but things came up, so dah jadi ramai. 5 girls including myself. I guess im dropping out tomorrow. Ill be their agent/pimpress. hahahaha! Since we are in the era of myspace and friendster, its soo easy to get girls to take photos. Everyone have their inner vainpot, and its coming out to greet the public.

Here I give you a little sneak peek of the models.

Meet Jaja.

This is Izzati.

And finally, we have Iman and Zunny.

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