Sorry mama.


Was watching Edisi Siasat bout people who steal corpse from the grave for the purpose of making minyak pengasih (love potion). Lunatics!

Among the choice of corpse are 'gadis sunti' or virgins.
Hearing that, i made a remark. A stupid but true one i guess.
"Per-lease! Mane ade dah gadis sunti skarang. Sume dah de-virginised"
(It is true kan? Not exactly semua, but rata-rata. so mostly lah.)

My mum got angry suddenly, worried angry. I must have really shook her. I am sorry but it is true, i have heard a lot bout this. but don't worry mama, i assure you i have never done it. I respect my religion, and my parents.

I don't have a boyfriend at the moment.
I have principles that i intend to keep to.
When i do have a boyfriend, i would want you two to know him, for safety reasons.

You see mama. You and abah have taught me well. You can trust me. I can differentiate right and wrong, even if i cant spell properly.
When you are not with me, don't worry because i have god, guilt and conscience with me.
Most of the time, they stopped me from making the wrong decisions.
I can look after myself, whatever things i can stand for, i will.

Happy Mothers' Day, Mama.
I love you and Im sorry, for everything...

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