13++ Monolog


  1. Walau tak pernah punya kamu, tapi aku rindu.
  2. So much for pulling back and not giving yourself too much!
  3. Tak tahu ke, 1 simple comment on FB status can put a smile on a girl's face for the whole day? Stop giving her false hope.
  4. Don't come crawling back to me when you're covered with shit. I told you to stay off the puddle.
  5. Sudahlah! I'm annoyed by your sudden presence here and there. Take a hike! I'm giving you what you want.
  6. You're rude, fake and I don't like you.
  7. We know there's no chemistry in us right? There's nothing to work with. Bland.
  8. Please open up yourself to me. Or allow me in. Is it too much to ask?
  9. Clearly I don't seem to belong. I want out.
  10. Honestly, I think you should protect your heart a lil bit. You never know when it can break.
  11. You! Can you just please stop lying to yourself? You're doing a lousy job at lying to us.
  12. I'm glad you have a direction in your life now. Patutnya 5 tahun lepas dah ada dah.
  13. Kau nak follow his footsteps jugak ke? I don't expect this from you. You're better than that.
  14. Please cut the tangled strings you're in first before jumping into another web. You're still binded.
  15. You trusted the wrong person. That person ruined you and is now stabbing you. Open your eyes, you'll see the knives.
  16. You want it? You feel it? Go for it. I got your back. Or in this case, I got your head?
  17. I never thought you'll be able to take care of yourself. But you handled yourself well. I'm glad =)
  18. I know you know. Just know that I don't want you to know because it could've hurt you.
  19. Fall out? Fall back in! I miss us. I'm still hoping. At least one of you tried.
  20. Something's telling me it might be you. Dang! Been denying it for years!
Almost like the number game on FB. Instead of the people providing numbers, I took the liberty of listing things I want to say to some people. Have fun guessing if you're on the list. If you think you are, have fun identifying which one is for you.

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  1. i feel like im no.10. and i also feels like no.12 is someone we both knows. HAHA!


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