Triple P


I want another drug.
One I don't have to share.
One I can have to myself and call my own.

I want regular fix.
I want my supply constant.
I want no hesitation in multiplying the dose.

I'll be deliriously high with my drug. I'll be unashamed with my addiction. I'll show it but never share it.

My power will be its presence.
My pleasure will be its persona.
My pain will be its permanence.

I will own it, and it shall own me. If its dust, it will be my heroin. If its cool, I'll have it as Ice. If it needs to be smoked, i will toke.

Like the discovery of Malacca, I must go on a voyage to find my drug. For he will need some searching, but by chance, he'll be a serendipity.

Once I found him, my drug will find me.

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