I'm fine when you're not around, I need you more when you're near



The last 2 months, in a nutshell, went something like this.

Pretty much everything but the forth line.

This shall be the recuperation period.
Duration: One month.
Mission: Stay sober, stay clean.
Ultimate goal: Not to be able to say 'I relapsed'

In case some might be worried that I took illegal or unhealthy substance, I do not. Never did. This is a different type of dependence. Something too good to stay with you forever. Thus, the need for adjustment of attachment. Just in case something happens. It can't be all rainbows and shooting starts all the time right? I'm enjoying the time I have right now though =)

* * * * * * * * *

Sekarang musim hujan. Loving it! Nyaman, best je nak tidur. Lagi best kalau boleh enjoy the rain with someone special. A walk in the rain, or a day indoor. Oooohhhh! I tengah terbayang Banana Pancakes on guitar, for me, in bed, under the duvet. Nananananananais! Nak tetapkan syarat bakal suami MESTI tahu guitar cords dan boleh mainkan Banana Pancakes. Will come in handy on a rainy day ;)

Esok kalau tak hujan, InsyaAllah, we are going for a picnic and a swim at Kampung Warisan. Hani and I are taking the kids. Nak sediakan picnic basket. The plan is to prepare egg sandwich, and spaghetti. But Noin doesn't eat egg sandwich and everyone can't seem to decide if its going to be Bolognese or Carbonara. We'll see what the chef (yours truly) will veto on.

Or if the plan flops.. Harapnya tak!

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