Maysaa means to walk with dignity


What? Yuna + Hana Tajima's Live Fashion/Love Music
Where? Black Box, MapKL, Solaris Dutamas
When? 13th December 2010

While every other hijab clad girls (who all looked awesome btw) were there going gaga over Yuna and Hana T (not Hannah T, mind you), I was there because Ain wants to hang out with me while she's in KL and she wants to go to LF/LM. I want to hang out with Dila and Enor while we all are free and the last time we went out together was a year back, kot. Selalunya we don't know where to lepak so why not everyone go together right? Then on Sunday Kak Freda called me to teman her to LF/LM, purrrfect! Everyone in one go!

On the day itself I got 1 ex-schoolmate. Enor;

1 ex-college mate, Dila;

1 uni-mate Ain;

and 1 family member; Kak Freda. Lengkap!

Enor and I was sooo 'in lesbian' with all the pretty girls that day. And Kak Freda assumed the role of Fashion Police. Tapi seriously, eye feast okay! Ramai dress up chun2. If I'm a guy, I sanggup bersesak kat situ. There were actually a few guys who are not with a girlfriend there doing just that. Smart move dude! And I thought I overdressed! Sampai sana jadi under-dressed!

I got to meet some of the fashion bloggers yang dah made transition as fashionistas with hijab. I shall keep my thoughts to myself. I pun tak gorgeous enough to say anything kan. Or bertutup mengikut piawaian to judge others. BUT Im gonna make this statement. You can quote me. Perempuan bertudung sekarang lawa-lawa. Because they themselves are beautiful and when they embrace the cloth to cover themselves, that made them prettier. As I always see it, cantik dalam tu yang membuat luar jadi cantik.

Anyways, we were among the lucky 150 to be seated for Maysaa fashion show. It was full house! Im glad we came early because there were at least another 100 outside that didn't got in. Sorry girls. They gave us goody bag, inside is the event booklet slash Maysaa's latest collection catalog, Follow Me Oil Control product sampler, Maysaa 15% discount coupon for online purchase and complimentary chocolates.

After the show, it was camwhoring and photo bombing session for all the pretty girls. We didnt stay long for the Meet & Greet session with Yuna and Hana. Jealous pulak tengok pictures orang lain with Hana kan. She's the cutest thing! So dainty! Im not much of a person who goes hyper when I see celebrities and make it a point to have pictures with them, but I think Hana is worth a shot with. Shooooo cute! Oh, Yuna sang a few song befre the show. Decorate, Rocket (dedicate to Hana), Gadis Semasa and impromptu Dan Sebenarnya. Glorious!

Now, this is us. Worthy as celebrities?

Best-test-ness! That's not even a word =)

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