Easy breezy 5 days away


Hellooooooooooooo Serendipity!

I am back in KL after 5 days of bloated-ness in the lovely eating city of Kuantan.
That place, man I tell you. It opens appetite to the size as big as the African continent.

5 days of total leisure man!
We were welcomed by rain as it was the monsoon season. But its all good! Nyaman je.
Lagi lah tambah nafsu makan kan?

Kali ni nak highlights new things I did.

1. Futsal
Percaya tak??? Futsal kat Kuantan okay! Me and sports we're like oil and milk. We don't mix. But I did sweat it out! Semangat main with nieces and nephews and uncles! Tak terkejar weeeh! The boys lincah sangat. Afterwards, us girls (because my niece drove one car so we went a lil bit sexist on the passenger list) went for cendol at Mustafa cendol. Now, that's more me!

2. Full body massage
Awesome okay! I've been having backache for I don't remember how long. Maybe since I got into USM because I've been doing my assignment or surfing the internet in the most comfortable but a very bad position, meniarap. So Mak Lin hooked me up with Kak Sally who have massaged most of the ladies in the family. Sangat best! With a hint of embarrassing moments.

3. Girls day out!
Eversince Hani can drive, this is the first time we've been out for a GDO in Kuantan. Went to EC with Iffah, Noin and Nana to watch Rapunzel and TC afterwards for KFC Mix Crunch. Entah kenapa the girls gone gila for Mix Crunch tetiba.

Balik kali ni kerjanya makan, makan, dan tengok wayang. Within that 5 days I watched Narnia, Rapunzel and Social Network. Pelupuh sehabis boleh. Dah lama tak tengok wayang kan. Balik KL tengok Due Date pulak. Ehhh nak tengok Hantu Mak Limah balik rumah. Sambungan Zombi Kampung Pisang. And we all know Zombi Kampung Pisang is awesome!

Macam tak rasa je cuti lagi 2 weeks. This time around my calendar is packed. So tak rasa bosan. And I dont feel the wanting to be back to study. Sebab USM compared to UNISEL, penat gila kat USM weh!

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