Pictures not only give you thousand words. It transfer emotion, inspire hope.


Tumblr is killing me! Harini the whole day it failed on me. I use Tumblr to channel inner emotions and random thoughts, wants, needs. Because some things aren't meant to be written. If it were to be mentioned by sentences that I typed, it'll be as is I confessed, or meng-iakan.

If its through pictures, or quotes that other people come up with but I reblogged, then it sorta give me the benefit of doubt. Its like giving vague message. Through visual communication. Hehehe. Without Tumblr and its picture archive, I started coming up with my own. Aihhhh! Here's one. And another of lyrics from Hanyut in the previous post.

Now, watch this video. Get the feel of what Tumblr usually gives me. Hope.

Kina Grannis - Valentine

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