I found myself speaking about you again today. I'm sorry.

Promised you I wont but I did.
Thought it wouldn't mean a thing anymore.
Thought its alright because there is nothing to it.

I was wrong.
I can't recall how you look, but I remember how it felt to like you.
I remember what liking you did to me.
How I want to be better because uncommon is what you are.
You have flaws, but I liked you still.
Your first touch gave me chills.

I'm an ordinary girl but you're extraordinary.
We'll be great together boy.
Lets get out of solitary and together be complementary.
We are suited for each other boy.

I want to start a blank page with you.
We'll write symphonies and draw portraits too.
Put yourself in my shoes,
You'll know how similar I am to you.

Tell me that there's a way for us to be.
Perfect aren't meant for another perfect.
That's why you are meant for me.

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