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Need I remind myself again NEVER to plan anything because it will NOT happen as planned? Apparently Tangsue have the same problem too. The best thing is, this Kek Lok Si trip was planned by us. Of course failure is stamped all over it.

Semangat plan since 2 weeks back. And when the day comes...pfffttt! We agreed to bertolak at 1. But Yonkey and I bertolak at 2, and their car bertolak after 2 due to the most lembab car rental service. Nak kata janji Melayu, tak boleh. Sebab bukan berjanji dengan Melayu. Except the car guy. I bet he's Malay. But hey, WE MADE IT!

See this guy with nostril flaring? He's our tour guide. Bery nais Eugene! He really knows his way around Kek Lok Si. And he's also my photographer tak bertauliah. Heh!

Smashing time with my smashing girls. Tunggu... I'll get myself an umbrella too! Obviously it will be as cute as I am. I want one with a panda head. Too much to ask? Takpelah. Orang comel, pakai apa pun comel. Ehe!

Despite our delay because of the heavy rain, I think we had fun. Funny conversation over bowls of laksa in the rain. One that include Intan's favourite childhood cartoon, Kacang. Eugene's Keluang Man and Masked Rider, April's Little Lulu, my Usop Sontorian, Tangsue's Anak-anak Sidek and who was it that said Siti Sifar? Siti Sifir okay!

The rain was actually instant karma for Tangsue and Grobuela for cussing too much while waiting for the car guy. All in all, it was a fun day. The weather was good too. Not hot, and not exactly raining. It only drizzled by the time we were leaving.

Thanks for a great time sayangs! Appreciate it! Next sem Penang War Museum! Boring places can't be boring once we set our foot there. Seriously, I think we woke up the gods while we were there. Great way to end the semester. Thank you. Sayang MAX!

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  1. i didn't cuss, it was all the Grobe's doing!! >__<


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