Your cheeks? No, you boobs.


Okay first things first. Whatever! Tak suka jangan baca. Memang agak tak senonoh post kali ni.

So yesterday, I lepak-ed at my friends room and she randomly asked, "Hani cuba senyum, nak tengok pipi. I did and told her that I have chubby cheeks. And she replied, "tu lah sebab tu dada kau tinggi." Motif???

Menurut my friend itu, female face features are actually hints for the female private areas. That's why female wear purdah. Not only to block their nostril from the dust and sand it seems.
So yeah,

Cheeks - keanjalan dan kemantapan boobs
Eyebrows - errr the pubic hair
Size of mouth - size of vulva

There's something about the nose too, but she can't remember. Betul atau tak? Wallahualam!
In the mean time, feed your curiosity! Here's my favourite girls.

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  1. Omg I so know about the vulva thing. My mother told me when I was like. . . . 8? LOL.

  2. this is so true. da lame tau. huhu.
    and banyak lagi. laki pon ade benda2 ni.

  3. tp kalau buat plastic surgery..cabut bulu :P

    malam2 baca ur blog tiba2 terpikir kan..yg taruk gmbr muke pompuan after ur post apsal? lol!!

    p/s: xnak tgk muka kamu dah ahahahaha


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