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Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Ten Different People:
10. I'm glad I met you.
9. I am emotionally dependent on you.
8. How come we don't talk much?
7. Here's your knife, I just pulled it out of my back.
6. Why do you still seek me, and yet you say nothing to me?
5. Why don't you just stab me in the front too!
4. Terima kasih memberi ruang menumpang kasih.
3. Im 5 years too late, but sometimes I wonder if it can actually happen between us.
2. Boleh make sure saya dapat A tak untuk subject ni?
1. I trusted you, I backed you up. And that's what I got from you. Thanks.

Nine things about myself:
9. I don't want to be thin. I have my reasons.
8. I am somehow seen as a threat. I don't get why.
7. I still bite my nails. Bad habit, hard to lose.
6. I am easily lured with promises of travelling or dining. Super easy. Maybe I shouldn't write this. Oh well.
5. My love for words have made it hard for me to not fall for sweet talkers.
4. I've always wanted to do something radical to my hair. Tak buat jugak lagi. Cornrows, undercut, you just wait!
3. I love food, I eat a lot, I don't have regrets about eating too much.
2. I've lost my instinctive ability to point out people-I-should-not-be-linked-to ever since I come to USM. Too many of them wearing a mask or a full costume.
1. I am a PRO at procrastination.

Eight ways to win my he
art in relationships.
8. Write to me. Write from the heart. With ink and on paper please.
7. Make me show you my manja side. Bukan semua orang pernah lihat.
6. Rajinkan diri bawak I pergi makan.
5. Make me laugh, every time.
4. Carry a good, meaningful conversation with me. Share yourself.
3. Remember the little things, because I will definitely remember yours. Appreciate.
2. Don't touch me with your body parts but make sure you touch my heart.
1. Love me because you love Him.

Seven things that cross my mind a lot.
7. Travelling
6. Serendipity, boleh tak obses kat blog sendiri?
5. Studies, bila nak habis?
4. Kahwin. Ye yeee muda lagi, your time will come, enjoy your single hood. OKAY!
3. Food. I like to eat kot!
2. Friends. Muka2 cantik, awesome dan gorgeous yang kadang kala fake.
1. Home. Lagi banyak muka cantik, awesome dan gorgeous. Langsung takde fake.

Six things I do before I fall asleep
6. Most prolly tengah online sambil meniarap pastu tidur sebab sakit belakang.
5. Cuci muka pakai face wipe pada hari malas. Hari rajin, scrub muka.
4. Tolak semua barang ke hujung katil.
3. Set alarm on both phones. Tak guna pun. Esok pagi snooze 4 kali.
2. Shut down Juna taruk kat atas lantai.
1. Susun atur pillows and comforter.

Five people who mean a lot.
(I have to do it by group sebab I can't pick just 5)
5. My family (ABCB, Kajang Clan, Mondoques) Ya ada kat list ni.

4. My Girlfriends (Millie, Nana, Liea, Emon, E) Kat list ni jugak.
3. Timah. Juga di list ni.
2. Nuh's Ark especially the Marcellanas, Lagunillas and De la Cruzs.
1. Penang positivy injections (Yonkey, Cassie, Mas, the girls with cute nicknames and Ali's girls)

Four things you’re wearing right now.
4. Studded faded blue skinny
3. Black top
2. Turquoise cardigan
1. Purple undies

Three songs that you listen to often.
Ni the most recent list:
3. Radiohead's Creep
2. Bruno Mars - Grenade
1. Hanyut by Faizal Tahir

Two things you want to do before you die.
2. Kahwin. Nak anak banyak.
1. Lunaskan hutang.

One confession.
1. Apa confess2 ni. Taknaklah. Everything I wrote here is a confession on its own.

Footnote: Actually there is one thing that I can think about confessing. But I am an open book already. And I tak reti jadi segan. Kalau I tulis, it will be bloody obvious and I am so not good at being the shy shy cat. I'm not a cat. What am I rambling? 2 words: guilty pleasure. If you're good, you'll find out. Heh heh heh! Last2 tulis jugak, motif?

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  1. cik masz likes this sooooo much!
    this is the real u.

    thanx sbb ade name aku dlm entry ni.


  2. purple undies rawr.

    and regarding the cute nicknames i believe grobuele would beg to differ. ;)

  3. i like:
    NINE 5 because it's so true,

    EIGHT 8 because it's the most romantic in the world,

    SEVEN 2&1: there are fake faces all around, mine even in the family.

    SIX 3: i snooze 40 kali kot.

    ZERO: i lap u <3

  4. Yippie I'm in the list! Hehehehe. :D Was listening to Creep bila baca ni, kebetulan. (:

    Footnote: Stellie dalam list mana? LOL.


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