Can you keep a secret?


I kena tukar preference lah.
Channel my interest to the type of people yang others don't like.
Always, it will be the one everyone has eyes for.
Tak extraordinary langsung I ni. Need to be unconventional.

Tapi yang others don't like tu sah-sah for concrete reasons kan?
Pervert. Lame. Literal stalker. Annoying. Abuser. Dumb.
Lagiiiiiilah not the type for me.

My uncle, Achik K'ry once said "Find someone smarter than you"
I don't see myself as smart. Not Sheldon smart. But I do read a lot. So that can account to be said as acknowledgeable, I guess. I secretly hold on to that because I do believe I need to feel insecure with the other half. He has to be better so that I can't be superior. I should not be the one wearing the pants.

Susah okay to find smart guys but normal at the same time.
No no robots please.
But tall, thin, dark hair, fair skin guys are always welcomed!

Motif sekarang baru nak tulis camni?
Sebab rasa yang ada dah pergi =)

* * * * * * * * *

Okay now isu berhijab. Kawan-kawan I super awesome okay! In chronological order:

Last week, I went out for a sushi lunch with friends. Tengah-tengah makan, one of them pointed out that I was covering my head but wearing a short sleeve shirt. Terus I insecure because I usually will wear a cardigan over my short sleeve shirts, but had rushed and forgotten about it. Thanks! Its a reminder for myself. I love you for being blunt and straight forward about it. =)

Few days back through YM, another friend hesitantly asked if I am still wearing hijab? I said yes. And she asked again, "even in KL?" Of course I do! Turns out she saw the recently uploaded pictures from last year and before Eid. Times when I have not made my transition and assumed I only cover my hair in Penang. Thank you for your concern. InsyaAllah this is for the long haul.

And today, my bestfriend shot me through twitter. "Mana tudung kau?" Fine lah! I changed the display pic to the one sans tudung. Old picture. Memang cari bahana sendiri. Sayang kau!

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  1. hijab or not, hani is hani. but to have friends to remind us on good things, definitely made us feel better. :)


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