Menggosok, melipat dan mengemas pakaian


Okay, that's what I am suppose to be doing but here I am - updating Serendipity (while listening to Hindi songs). Nak buat cemana kan? PC sebelah ironing board. Banyak okay baju nak kena kemas. I tak tahu nak bawak apa dan ultra malas sebenarnya. Dahlah ada lagi barang-barang belum beli. Kaki dah lunyai dah sebab minggu ni practically everyday keluar cari barang-barang, or went out with the various dearly beloveds.

The weekly schedule I wrote earlier seems to go according to plan. Except that I didn't get to spend any time with Milly. Its okay, she will be back soon. Its in her nature =P But i did managed to go back to Shah Alam to see Kak Nora, Miss Ad and Cwoo. Plus Ayaq and even experience Ya's driving.

So how do I feel?
I feel blessed. Why?

  • All the things I bought for uni was sponsored by many family members.
  • My school friends made time to go out with me.
  • Despite not seeing each other for years, were not from the same class or cliques, we all can get along perfectly.
  • A very simple visit for Suhaila at Maxmara turned into a wholesome laughing session.
  • I got gifts from people I dont expect. Really dont expect it. Thank you so so much!
On the other hand,

I have never not have Ya by my side. Metaphorically and literally. We've been in the same school/campus/environment since we were born. This will be new.

Leaving the family? Yang itu boleh handle.

Starting of at UNISEL was easy. I immediately felt superior when I started. My confidence level was higher than my height. USM? I don't know. I'll let you know over the weekend.

I don't know. This is new. I just don't know.

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