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Sebelum I masuk melodramatic mode malam ni sebab aktiviti malam adalah bersendiri dan ditemani kesunyian, ecewah! I want to introduce you people to Cassie and Mas. The only 2 people I can instantly get along with. Because both of them speak my language, and are in the same wavelenght as I am. Plus, all 3 of us love to laugh. Benda kecik pun jadi lawak takleh cover.

Cassandra Gail Pasqual is not a Malay girl. She's of Serani and Chinese parentage. The first time I talked to her I asked her if she is Chinese or Malay, and she said..Eurasian. Perasan lebih kan kau? She's from Seberang Prai, Pulau Pinang and is taking the same course as I am.

I approached her after the third day Im in USM because of her pleasant face and she is always smiling. She also look a lot like Ochie, my Indonesian friend. We started got close to each other one night during one of the boring taklimat. I think it was the integrity forum in which 2 professors on stage, image projected on the LCD, went crazy cleaning their ears like nobody's business. Of course Cassie and I started laughing and couldn't stop ourselves. She was sitting in front of me and we entertained ourselves by texting to each other. That is how we came to be! May I add that Cassie have the funniest mum ever! She cracks joke all the time.

Cik Masz, nama komersialnya. Originally from Ipoh and have been studying in Kuantan for 3 years for her diploma before coming to USM. I never noticed her during orientation. Jujur ye Mas. But this one night we sat together during CG activity and had her laughing with me throughout the activity. And then had her at the same table for CG's dinner. Hah! That night, the guy who read the doa was the type yang pitching lari. Apa lagi, memang tahan gelak lah Mas and I. Since then, I know she's someone I can look for to have a good laugh, and pick rambutan with. Hihi.

And then there were 3.

Combination of Cassie, Mas and I is so not good. We are the first to laugh, the loudest, the hardest and we can't be stopped. I senang berkawan dengan korang. Thank you for being here =)

Kurang sikit homesick aku.

For the other news, I've managed to transfer my credit hours of some subjects I've taken in UNISEL and may now skip to second year! But for this first semester, I am going to take mostly the wajib (compulsory/forced) university subjects and elective papers.

Up till today, my papers are:

Bahasa Inggeris Akademik LSP 300 - for MUET Band 4 students
Pengantar Antropologi dan Sosiologi - Introduction to Anthropology and Sociology
Pengantar Bahasa Inggeris - Introduction to English Language (to be change to Pengantar Falsafah/Introduction to Philosophy)
Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asas (TITAS) - Basic and Islamic Civilization (University Course)
Pemikiran Kritis - Critical Thinking (University Course)

Tomorrow, I shall add in:

Bahasa Melayu Akademik LKM 300 - for all Malaysian citizen with credit in BM (University Course)
Either Bahasa Perancis or Bahasa Korea.

Total of credit hour/unit: 20

Why no Communication subjects?
Because I transfered my result for Mass Communication and Human Communication from UNISEL. And the next subject in line I am suppose to take is not offered this semester.

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  1. wahh! terharu babe, ko tulis pasal kitorg.
    bestnye dapat transfer kredit );
    hukhuk cepatla ko tggal aku n cassie kat usm ni nanti.

    nak emo ah camni. hehe.

    ((; thx a lot, dear.


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