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Hi!!!!!!!! Shoutout to Ana and Yan, I know you are always here.

Okay, since the last 2 to 3 weeks they've been too many things that happen. I have to start with the subjects I'm taking. Strike out everything you've read before. I had major changes up till 19th, the last day they allow us to add/drop subjects for free. I am now taking:

University courses: TITAS, English, Critical Thinking;
Major courses: Communication Technology, Advertising, Campaign Communication;
Minor courses: Philosophy

At first I wanted to minor in Sociology and Anthropology but too many people went for that class and I dont feel special. I have this egoistic need to stand out, therefore I opted for Philosophy. When I first read the courses I will have to take under Philosophy minor I thought to myself, "I can do this!" But everyone were quiet negative about it. They all dropped the course after one class and told me it is a hard subject. I admit, I took it to prove them wrong and to find out myself if it is really that hard. After one class,


In Buddhism, one goes through liberation until they reach Nirvana or the perfect peace of the state of mind. Enlightenment. That is what Philosophy is to me. After each lesson, I swear, I feel enlightened. Its like a burden was lifted of my shoulders. Philosophy is my de-stressing method. I get to learn, to discover, to share my views, I love it. My classmate, Lii Jing and I, we both feel the same way. We feel happy after every class we attend. I think if we are able to pass with an A for Philosophy, then we have achieved Nirvana. Or we might lose our head in the process.

Next, my PIMPIN Siswa Camp at Cahaya Alam Kelimat, Sungai Siput Perak. My group consist of 116 'kekuatan' from School of Comm, Pharmacy, Math, Social Science and Mechanical Engineering. We broke the record for the most people to passed out during first kawad and pengucapan. 26 of them! Terbaek! There was this 1 guy who squat all of the sudden during kawad sedia. And then he quickly stand up straight. The faci was concern, so they asked him if he was fine? His answer made us stifle our laughter. "Saya tak nampak apa-apa! Saya hanya nampak bayang!"

Okay jahat. Tapi kelakar. Because other people fainted, passed out, wanted to puke. He was the only one who had the temporary blindness as his symptom.

The camp sucked. Sungai teh susu. But the activities were awesome! Survival cooking challenge was the hardest. We had to slaughter a chicken for our lunch, cook rice and a vege dish, on a bonfire. Damn that was hard! I literally cried when fanning the fire so that it will not die down. And I cried again that evening during group discussion. We were given a picture of a man breast feeding a baby using the a bra install with a feeding bottle and nipple.

We were suppose to give our thoughts based on the picture and set a theme for it. Later that night we are to perform according to the chosen theme. Seriously, for smart people...they are pretty stupid. Its so depressing. I was so pissed that I cant get them to interact or share ideas that I burst into tears. Emotional much? It wasn't a big drama lah. I went quietly to a corner, covered myself with a towel and cried during presentations from other groups. Heh!

Last week was the attract-all-the-students-you-can-get-week. Everyday at the library foyer the student organisations opened booth to get new students to sign up. Due to boredom and the super-ego (naik tahap dah ni) need to stand out and get noticed, I am now member of 5 clubs. As a student under School of Communication, I call it SoComm, I am automatically a member of PERKOM. I volunteered myself for Buddies. And have joined Sociology and Anthropology Club, AISEC and also the Debate Club. Tamak tak? Whatevs! I'm bored and I want to get to know people. take all the chances I can get.

Last weekend I went back to KL via Firefly on Thursday night and spent whole day Friday at Shah Alam. Namely UNISEL. Went there to get my final semester's result, apply for my academic transcript and was robbed blind in between. I know I have to pay RM250 for convocation fee. But they told me that we (the whole of FCM students) have to pay RM150 for our Effective Speaking subject which they charged wrongly. Who's fault is it now? And another RM45 for credit exemption of my BM subject. Therefore, instead of RM250 I had to pay Rm445! I nearly didn't get to pick up my passport. That was another RM300. Seriously, I don't know how I managed to pay all that within a day.

And now, I am back in CG. Closer to him (eh terkeluar pulak!). Eating the lauk I'm starting to get bored with from the downstairs cafe. Walking everyday to class. Sleeping every free time I can find. Wanting to go to Queensbay Mall but still remain stuck inside USM. Nightly discussions at Fajar Harapan which I have to walk to. Him accompanying me to Fajar so that I don't have to walk alone (eh terkeluar lagi?). Tutorial classes starting this week which consume more of my free time. 1 class with him because he's a third year and then balik CG sama-sama (haaa!). Credit transfer business still undone. 2 presentations due next week. Reading materials tak habis baca jugak lagi. Pergi tengok teater monolog last night dengan CG, CM and him. And so many interaction dates and events to look forward to!

No wonder lah tak balik sampai September.

By the way, semua kejadian adalah benar. Kecuali all those phrases about 'him' in the last paragraph. He is not in existence yet. Cepat lah exist wey! Mama dah pesan suruh cari boyfriend dah ni!

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