Flutter by big butterfly


Last week while visiting the faculty, I saw Miss Ad's students assignments for visual comm. A boy drawn a wristwatch as an item representing him. I told Miss Ad I would have draw a butterfly to represent me. Because I love butterflies and for it to represent a social butterfly.

Wait! I'll update briefly about my 'new life' in USM. I was assigned to Desasiswa Cahaya Gemilang or CG as we all address it. It will be my hostel and sports house for the first year and the rest, should I continue and able to stay there.

We all learned cheer to raise the spirits and show others we are better than the rest. The cheer is, kid like. Well, I dah terbiasa dengan national champions kan? But the song was okay and I especially like the boria they created.

BUT, the lack of spirit from the new CG members makes it hard to allow those cheer and chants to sound aspiring. Semua book smart. Bosan gila. I dah macam perempuan galak celah-celah diorang. Adalah jugak a few yang ada potential jadi semangat2 ni. Tapi aih. Tengok lah.

Here's the thing. I rasa sebab dalam jiwa ni dah bergelodak sangat to have something done, to feel like I achieve something (sebab there's this guy nama Hanif from my course and my desa, baru 3 hari orientasi dah jadi MC untuk dinner desa AND ketua pembaca ikrar majlis sambutan siswa) or to burst out. I kan jenis tak sabar, pastu takleh nampak competition.

Jadi, I rasa my head went off just now because when they are looking for a volunteer for a mascot, I asked what is the mascot? They said, a butterfly! And I gleefully exclaimed NAK!

Kau dah gila ke Farah Hani?

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