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Day 9 at USM, Penang. I dah start missing home. I love the place, I'm warming up to the people but the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side. Today is the first night without any activity, therefore sorrow succumbs me.

I miss Abah and Mama and listening to Sinar Pagi with them in the car every morning on our way to KL.

I miss being kicked by Adik. I miss his snores at night. I miss his smell.

I miss Feed Me weekends with Abang E, Kak Anum, Abang Ayis, Bobo, Kak Sha, Arwen.

I miss laughing out loud, really loud with Ya, Hani and Syaniz.

I miss going to Kak Long's house and be amongst the noise and little fights of Nurin, Hakim, Iki, Izzat and Nana.

I miss Toto and Neni. I have them in my mind and my heart. And their message in my inbox. Which I'm not reading again because I'll tear up. Again.

I miss hanging out with Lya. We are stupid.

I miss Millie. Sampai sekarang tak dapat spend quality time lagi.

I miss Nana, and her desire for a boob job.

I miss my kakak-kakak, Puan Azian, Miss Ad, Puan Gina.

Believe it or not, I miss UNISEL. The life I had there. The lives I've encountered there.
The good stuff, the bad stuff, the shit that happened. I miss it all.

I'm no longer the big fish in the pond.
I'm no longer surrounded by the ones who love me.
I'm away. I'm far way. I want to be home.
And my playlist is not helping. At all.

I pulak bukan jenis who calls all the time. Tak tahu nak cakap apa. The one dearest to me, yang tu yang paling susah for me to have phone conversations with. Abah, Mama, Toto, Neni, the one I am missing the most. The ones I have nothing to talk about and everything to talk to.

Susah jugak kalau selama ni dah terbiasa hardcore, independent. I don't know how to attend to myself. Siapa yang baca ni..call lah I. Message pun takpe.

* Untuk tatapan umum

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  1. Alaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Somelnyaaaaa kad pelajar dia.


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