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I agak susah payah nak cari gambar bilik di Desasiswa Cahaya Gemilang. So here are pictures of my room for people yang Google Desasiswa CG nanti.

The room accommodates 2. Each person will get a bed, a wardrobe, a study table, and a computer table. There's also 2 electric sockets for each person.

Tengok tu, baju tak unpcak pun lagi. Carpet/tikar bawak sendiri ye. And also you comforter set, pillows, etc to make the room feels like home. Jangan jadi macam I, of all the things, I forgot to bring a laundry basket. They do sell it here at Kedai Mahasiswa tapi I nak ikut my theme colour, purple!

I baru try pakai washing machine dia tadi. Sekali basuh RM3. Bawak detergent and softener sendiri.
Pastu sidai kat luar bilik. Tengok, seminggu punya baju!

OH! I suka USM sebab all the bags, chains, whatever they give us is according to the uni colour, PURPLE! My favourite colour.

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  1. OMG...teringat maza zaman I kat Uitm dulu ler...cuma bilik you nie lagi kelas...hos your roomie?

  2. Why is this one of your popular posts?


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