Ke seberang laut


Hi, I am 3 days away from leaving KL and the family. I've been busy preparing stuff and been trying to cramp everybody important in a week.

I've been back to Kajang to spend time with my close cousins, back to Semenyih, steal time with the nieces & nephews, arrange meet up with schoolmates, and tomorrow I am going to Shah Alam for a little us time with 3 of my favourite ladies.

Yang belum dapat jumpa - Cwoo, Andre, Punat, Hakim. All the boys.

I still have not taken my passport photos, buy bedsheets and pillow and get myself a pair of sport shoes. All shall be done tomorrow after I renew my passport at PKNS.

I must visit Nuh's Ark too. Entah bila lagi lah kan? Rasa macam time constraint. I don't even have time to do my laundry. Hantar dobi, senang.

Eh notice tak Dobby the house elf macam dobi. Sebab dia banyak cuci baju ke? Mungkin lah kan.

I'm not packed. Great. Nak pegi ke tak ni?

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