50's flashback


I rasa I dah cukup confidence to announce that our Warna dinner yang tak jadi last semester will be given a breath of fresh air and....... poof! Jadilah kokocrunch!

Nah. Even better better than that. We are bringing the 50's back to the future. Say hello to kebaya sendat and vintage dresses. Say swing swing. Lets twist!

InsyaAllah it will take place end of next month. We'll welcome the final exam with a bang and leave with a boom.

Its a party baby! And everyone is invited. Well except some degree sem 1 students. But if they want to come and willing to pay, then they're invited too! We like money. And we'll try to like you.

Im hopeful. Hello I want an A. And hello we ought to distress ourselves 1 last time. I'll keep you posted =)

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