Selamat Tinggal Dunia


What should I update about myself?


True to what I said, the first time I deposit my resume, I got 4 calls in the span of 4 weeks. Now, I got 1 only. As the graduation date comes near, chances got lesser. May be there wouldn't be any when I graduate.

Now for date counts:
17months since last time.
11months since I last see Nana.
9months gap between menstrual. Finally!
8months till I turn 21. Mana accomplishment?
5months for degree admition abroad.
4months for degree programs here.
3months to take Mercilon.
2months to graduation.
1month to class event.

What if in between those dates, my death have already been set?

Bye friends. Just promise me you'll send me for my farewell.

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  1. kenapa u ckp cmtu. :( tak baik tauuu, may god bless you on whatever things u've done. take care eh hani. :)

  2. eyh u gila ke hani ??
    dont say such thing !!
    spill out something else
    ok first time i komen blog orang
    u should be proud ;pp


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