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Last week was hell of a week. Its back to back roaring 'discussions' with the lecturer, the classmates, the groupmates and even unwanted discussion with the first semester degree students.

Monday, after event management class we all decided to discuss and finalize what we should do for our event management project. That was when it all happened. The shouting, the accusations, the mocking, you name it, it all happened there and then. It wasn't fair for some, but almost everyone was consumed by hopelessness and anger. It cant be avoided. Thank God, at the end of the day everybody kissed and made up. Not literally.

It was the same day that Puan Gina were to fly off to Adelaide. We are sorry that none of us came to send you off Puan. And I promised to write a blog post for you. This is not it. My blog is simply to ugly or me to write things on. I'll tweak it first and then write some more. Hope you are doing fine there.

So on Tuesday was our Student Project & Evaluation Proposal Presentation. Let me just get 1 simple thing out first. Never in my life have I met more unethical and unprofessional organizers such as those who were our organizers. I think my juniors in school would make better preparation than them. Okay, I admit my classmates and I aren't exactly great too in cooperating with you guys. But hey, please realized that its not your place to judge if we are not committed with our work and it is so rude for you to bomb us with your accusations questions before the programme starts.

And what was that that we heard? Korang degree students? Kitorang patut rasa apa yang korang buat?

I shut my mouth while all those are being said because I don't want to make things bigger. My classmates are at boiling point already and if I said but 1 word I'm sure the arguments wont stop. Thank us that we don't retaliate. Keep yourself grounded for the second presentation because honey, its not just us. Our juniors, your 'juniors' find you people annoying too. Especially Miss M.C. You set very good first impression to them. We don't have to talk bad about you because you showed it yourself.

Oh yeah, last year we handled 3 classes. That's around 30 groups of students, 3 sessions, 2 days and 7 lecturers. And yeah, no body complained.

So, what does it all got to do with visual literacy? My blog template is ugly. I don't want to write on it. What more for people to come and read it.

Well, we judge based on what we see. Faham-faham kan lah.

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  1. I kata you bimbo kang marah.
    But E, you are on of us. Tu lah panggil lagi kawan2 u ni Bimbo.

  2. Are you referring to the Degree students?

  3. Most definitely. Specifically semester 1 degree student.

  4. Tak pernah berkenan dengan budak-budak tu pun.

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