Breakthrough of the day is words are resurfacing; among others


I believe I started the day with annoyance relating to the fact that my MUET result was not as good as I expected. I aimed high but managed averaged. I got good advice all the way from Boston though,

We never learn 95% of our life are failures, but we don't even remember.
Only sometime we did good.
Z made his online appearance. I seek solace from him when education makes me jumpy. He's very calming and assuring. As much as I wanted him to be more than a friends I admit he makes a good friend indeed. And the fact that he's been taken since the past 7 month should benefit me in moving on. 7 months, and I just got the conformation today. AFTER i wrote the letter. Great innit! I think I should allow him to slip away from the back of my head. Its unhealthy to keep him there that long. I should make space for other people and stuff. Knowing he's taken doesn't hurt as bad as the first time. No more tears!

Witwicky came into the picture too today. Just before conversation with Z comes to an end. What is it with me and moving on? Sometimes its weird. Its as if something or SOMEONE dont want it to happen. Its like putting the past in my path so that I wont forget or stop trying. This is not Serendipity anymore! This is just cruel. He seems fine. Not as flirty. Able to carry a decent convesation. What I though weird was that we had a video convesation. I don't usually go into all this mengada2 stuff. Somehow, tonight Im in the gedik mode too. Wait, I got 1 word..REBOUND!
He does look good though. So cute with spectacles on, 5 o'clock shade*, his charming smile. Okay, enough! Don't swoon! Not yet at least.

What else? Oh yea, Gadis Bodoh (who should have TM or R for this namesake I give her) have more mutual friends with me now. Not to my liking because it means she can access some of my photos or conversation in my account. But I can use them to stalk her. Muahahhahaha! I like stupid people, they make total fools out of themselves without help from other people. Its like I dont have to poke, I just have to 'accidentally' drop a pin near them and they'll confess to the world. Get my metaphor?

And the final thing that floats today (I mean literally seeing the size and composition of the thing) is none other than a girl from my school who created fake account to bag herself a boyfriend. The guy happens to be Awin's boyfriend. So you should know you messed with the wrong person. Dia gadis jahat kot! Girl, maybe you should learn to accept yourself and not live under another person's shadow. Takde lagi lah dalam sejarah fake account dapat tahan couple bertahun2. Mesti kantoi nye lah.

Budak skolah sekarang dah stereotype sangat. Act like a bitch, they don't act their age, no respect for the older, menyampah lah! Takut mati cepat ke sibuk nak berlagak grown up. Perlease! You may fake your age with make up, you just can't fake your minor head. Live life a little. Sikit pun jadi lah. Untuk korang sedar kepala tu tak matang lagi nak berlagak besar.

* 5 o'clock shade = a term to describe men's beard that are just starting to grow.

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