Pulsa tewas menunggu Arjuna


Takkan ku menyerah kalah, walau mimpiku musnah, harapanku hancur, sayapku patah.
Kanku pancarkan cahaya seperti pelita, ke serata dunia.

Pelita by LoQue for Hooperz.

There is someone named Arjuna. There was also a little boy named Arjuna I met at Layar Tanchap once.

Arjuna is a muse. Arjuna made me feel hopeful. Those powerful lyric almost reflected the hope Arjuna gives. Arjuna is a nobody. Arjuna is everybody. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And Arjuna is always there.

Arjuna next to me taking each step. Arjuna behind me to see me walk, to catch me if I fall. Arjuna leading me, showing me, guiding me. Arjuna in the dark, just being there.

Arjuna is secret. He's not here. But I'll wait. Arjuna is a public figure. I've seen him, you have too. He'll be here one day, for all to see. To be lighted by the lamp he brought.

Until that day comes, Arjuna, I'll wait. With my pulse, with my hope.

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