Hard sugar coated creamy center


Mungkin ramai tak tahu perwatakan luaran itu sangat bertentangan dengan sifat dalaman seseorang. If you know someone who is jovial, bubbly, gila-gila, loud, a social butterfly it seems, then you should know orang itu orang yang most likely to have inferiority complex.

Bukan saja-saja keluarkan statement. Maybe aku belum buat research yang boleh jadi bukti kukuh untuk back up statement. Tapi rata-rata orang keliling (myself included) fit the pattern.

The point of the matter is, I may be the big fish in the pond. But I am easily breakable as anyone else. I am everyone else.

I got my ups and down. I got my high times and low tides. I may put on a brave face but inside, might be broken in multiple places.

I can be that pessimist person with an empty cup. I'm Smarties without the sugar coating. Heck! I've been all that the past few weeks. Im not gonna be that anymore.

Im going to fill my cup, get a glass and also a mug. Im going to see everything sunny side up! Why? Because my id, ego and super ego have been boosted.

Im not in the painful menstrual cycle anymore. Im not down with 7 type of sickness which needs medication of multiple sizes and colours. I have friends, I still do! I may not live with them anymore, but they're still the same. And some are at the other end of the world, but they still make time for me.

Babes, you guys are my sugar coating. Thank you for giving me strenght to be myself again. Love you.

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