Sedih la camni..


Sedih bila u check out a cute guy, but he is checking out your male friend next to you.

Sedih bila you're the last one to know and you got to know it from orang jauh.

Sedih bila semua orang tgh makan gula2 dlm kelas pastu bila u mintak, dah habis.

Sedih bila semua orang gelak-gelak but you don't know the inside joke.

Sedih bila attempt nak masak dinner tak menjadi lepas tercelup jari masa goreng popiah.

Sedih bila kawan rapat dah tak rapat and you don't know how it fell apart.

Sedih bila kawab-kawan selalu cari you. but not for the reasons you want them too.

Sedih bila you rasa sangat marah dengan your bestfriends and you let it all out, rupanya dorang tak faham pun you tengah marah. Siap boleh update about themselves pulak.

This one is especially for you. I don't know if you still read me but if you do, I just want you to know Im keeping myself at a gap. For tbe professional boundary. But I miss you, as a friend. And this saddens me most of all.

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