13++ points in random I came up due to the annoyance from a giant ulser on my lower left gum


  1. You shouldn't read when you know you hate the writer and what's written.
  2. Don't anticipate an ending because sometimes it won't be as good as what you imagine.
  3. Don't begin something that you know doesn't quiet end. (Hint: relationshits)
  4. Drink water, it will serve your body well.
  5. Persuasion is the second most powerful drug after words.
  6. Stop being jealous towards other people. They have things they hate in life just like you do.
  7. Don't stalk, its unhealthy.
  8. Never wait for something or someone that will never come around.
  9. If a chance passed, let it go. There are no such thing as second chances.
  10. Even if there is, it wont work. Therefore, refer point 8.
  11. Be thankful with what you have in life. You might not get it again. Other people might never have it.
  12. Don't strike a conversation with your ex (friend/ bestfriend/ boyfriend/ crush/ almost-happened-never-did-happen/ fiancee/ husband)
  13. If a conversation may occur, let the other party start. You'll be entitled to be the one being mad.
  14. You might think its over, do remind yourself the resentment is still there.
  15. May not be much, but let yourself know its still there. Not to start another feud, but to put clear conscience on your head never to begin things again.
  16. Disinfect hands at all time.
  17. Disinfect your thoughts of bad memories it you can.
  18. Don't hold you pee.
  19. See a gynae if you think things are not normal.
  20. Make sure you have the funds to see the gynae.
  21. Refer to your hierarchy of needs to start the New Year.
Happy 2010!
Hopefully it is going to be a happy new year.

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  1. words of wisdom. good job.

    my thoughts :

    1. i agree. case in point, anything from stephenie meyer. also some people's blogs.

    2. i agree. just go with the flow. live in this existence, not the future. what's gonna happen next may surprise you.

    3. i don't agree. refer no. 2. you'll never know what's gonna happen. don't anticipate how bad or good things are gonna turn out. don't reprimand others for something somebody else has done. it's unfair for the person, it's unfair for you. besides, if you do that, you'll have this preconceived notion that all guys are jerk. face it, all guys are jerks, just as all girls are bitches. it's just that some are just worse the most. cross the bridge when you come to it.

    4. yeah, i gotta remind myself that too. does the ice in neslo ais count as water?

    5. no. love is the most powerful drug. words are ammo.

    6. true

    7. apathy, that's even unhealthier

    8. yeah. you want something done right, do it yourself.

    9. true.

    17. agree!

    18. hahahha. good one.

  2. I know ppl always say dont hold ur pee nanti batu karang right, lately I have cramps down there when I hold my pee. That's why!

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