Its not a resolution, because resolution will be left undone


And why wait for new year to start a resolution? Therefore here's why LIST OF THINGS TO DO IN 2010 INSYAALLAH or (LOTTDI2010I).

  • Lose weight, just a bit. Enough to feel like old self. Because Semenyih have been really generous on food and calories and sugar and gluttony.
  • Ace out the final semester. Nak rasa jugak 4 flat.
  • Get accepted to USM or UM if USM rejected you. But not UitM. Never.
  • Get accepted to NZ uni, think about financial later.
  • Renew passport. Come on its RM100 je!
  • Travel or ask placement from AISEC.
  • Go into theater, or try.
  • Meet Remy Ishak up close and personal. Puaskan hati sendiri. (Walaupun bapaku tak approve dia)
  • Find someone to take over Speak Out. Hi Eikha! Sihat?
  • Consult gynae on mestrual situation.
  • Stop having celebrity crushes on Remy, Ashme, Josh, Jihu, James, Jason and Shahrukh. Johnny dengan Jessica takpe lagi.
  • Learn to wear heels and put on make up.
  • Do something about the hair, or else cover it.
  • Smile more. At least it can hide your loath towards some people.
  • Be neutral.
  • Educate stupid people discreetly. They wont admit themselves as stupid.
  • Hold your tongue, temper and truth. It may damage more than fix things.
  • Start going to live shows again. Well I need the break. Not gigs, but something more low-key and relax.
  • Wow, I really have not stepped a toe at gigs since February last year? *Pats on the back* Stay with that resolution.
  • Buy more comfortable shoes. Sneakers Nike kene curik. Fav heels hilang, glads seblah kene gogong anjing. Tragic.
  • Treat Syaniz, Hani and the kids, plus 'siblings' to an eatery.
  • Timah Trip!
  • Graduation trip to Bali!
  • Backpacking trip! Kenapa I xde trust fund macam anak-anak Mr. Sheffield?

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  1. Every year, my only resolution is to not have any. :D

  2. hey, itm ok per. look at me. ok, fine nevermind. forget itm. hahah


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