13++ wishes I wish can be granted now


  1. Broadband connection in Sungai Buloh yang tak macam babi terbang
  2. Kain baju magically unpacked to the designated areas so that my room tak nampak macam tongkang pecah
  3. Im not here in Malaysia, not trying to finish my diploma
  4. The holiday trip Toto & Neni were talking about last weekend will actually happen
  5. Backpacking trip, so that I can escape
  6. Money to survive daily life
  7. Nafsu nak shopping because last weekend I can't seem to like anything eventhough Toto offered to pay
  8. Jihu materialise in front of me
  9. Manageable hair
  10. Being able to live in Timah
  11. Having just enough money so that my head wouldn't ache thinking about plans put to halt due to the lack of financial
  12. Circumstance that allows me to accept the job offers I've been getting the past 3 weeks
  13. Computer yang takkan crash everytime I bukak more than 3 windows
  14. Otak tak serabut sangat
Somehow, Im not worried about the exam coming up. Im not worried about the fact that I'll be homeless if I can't come up with the deposit for rent, Im not worried about the assignments I didn't hand in. Im not worried about the latest bulletin issue that I didn't print. Im not worried. Why? Because people don't care. They never did. I think its high time I stop too. Sebab Im so freaking tired.

Bila I boleh start depend on another person? Bila is it my turn to look forward for things from other people? Bila time untuk I tak jadi kaunter pertanyaan? When? Its now.

That's how frustrated I am. Bila korang nak jadi berani? Make changes. Make me eat my words.

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  1. i do . but im not as smart as u are . so , how meh ?

  2. u dont need to be smart. u just kene berani mencuba, take risks. willing to step up, berani mencuba.

    thats what u call street smart. x perlu jadi book smart pun.

    thx for ur feedback.


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