The reason I don't take breakfast is because I'll have 2 breakfast


And I'll poop soon afterwards! Like the other day I took the train to KL Sentral to go back to SA, I had 1 sausage McMuffin and 1 Subway sandwich of the day. Then on the bus on the way to SA, i want to poop. Its always like that. That's why I don't like to take the bus or commuter.

The route is long, it takes time to get to each stop and its scary! Not to mention there's no toilet provided. Fine, the Putra line and monorail pun takde toilet. Tapi each station dekat2. So I can just run to the nearest toilet. Okay enough.

Do you know Im kinda sorta homeless? Abah asyik outstation je. So mama, adik and I will tumpang at Warisan on the days he's not here.

I moved out of Timah already. We all did. Because the owner sold the house. And the new owner just can't wait to move in. We hope you'll have a good time at Timah like we did. Don't mind the nosy next door neighbour with super sonic hearing who can hear every footstep and every single whisper. He's like that.

The day we finally move out Ya and I had to throw out at least 10 girls worth of item. Ada je barang tercicir. Towel lah, baju lah, kasut lah, knick knacs and a whole shelf of books. But we didn't touch the shelf. Tak pindah pulak kang selagi tak settle.

The rest of the items, the furniture and appliances, the owner allow us to take. So Timah next door took the big dining table, Ayaq took some dining chairs, Pakchaq took the long rattan couch, dapur gas, some cups and plates AND the rest was taken by Ozy and his housemates.

Now, apa adab memberi dan menerima? Memberi seikhlas hati dan menerima seadanya. Right? Here's the thing. Ozy, that's Ana's boyfriend, he literally polished the house. I think if we didn't book some of the things, they would have taken it all. They actually took 2 light bulbs! Melampau kan? Benda tu pun nak sebat. Dahlah macam2 dah bagi elok2, nak jugak buat hal. Its not your house nor mine la gila! U can't take and I can't give just like that.

Get this. The time i got to know he took the bulbs I called him and he said he didn't take it. So I texted telling him to give back the bulbs if any of his friends might have taken it. He replied 'hehe ada tadi ozy TERAMBIK 1, ana dah larang tp ozy saja je ambik nak tgk sha ckp apa. Ni nak pth blk ni. Haha' MY ARSE!

Terambik. Ye! Rajin pulak memanjat nak cabut bulb daripada lampu kalau terambil kan? Dua pulak tu! I made them give back both. When they came back, only Ana went in . She put the bulbs on the sofa. When I asked her to put it back on she said 'malaslah, I x sampai' ewaaaah dah pandai cabut, suruhlah Ozy. Jadi Ozy pun masuk utk pasangkan. Siap ada remarks 'ni xleh pakai dah ni' MEMANGLAH TAK BOLEH KALAU KAU DAH TUKARKAN DGN YANG ROSAK DARI RUMAH KAU! Ingat kitorang bodoh sangat? Dahlah bulb pun lain. Malas nak panjang cerita, bukak mulut kang makin banyak pulak aku dapat tau.

Yea, ni memang public accusation. Ni memang dah langgar writing ethics. Ni memang put u to cyberspace shame, as if you didn't do that to yourself first. Kenapa? Nak sangkal? I got witness.

Girl, you just crossed the line. When you joined us we welcomed you. You gain friends way better than those you had before. Funny you waited until the end to show your stripes. Is there anything else we should know about you that we don't already know?

Im now in station Putra. We were all asked to clear the trams and wait at the other platform sebab one of the gerabak ada electrical problem. Mini fireworks show people! Malas nak pindah dengan beg baju ni lagi. Tapi tren meletup kang tak pasal je.

Cerita exam pulak. The boys had their haircut already. I have a thing for clean cut boys, jadi semuanya nampak alluring di mata ku. Hahahaha. Anip and paley yang dah biasa rambut panjang looked like handsome pengkids now. Fadol tak nampak macam younger version of Encik Dat dah. Fieq's haircut, I don't like. He look better with the one before. But Nazmi, he looked good! 6 semesters, ni first time he had his hair differently.

Yesterday was the first paper. Research Methodology. Terbaik lah kalau first que 40markah and more than half of the class tak boleh buat. Why? Because we were taught that on the last class, very few came. Semester 5 prepared better because Prof always made them practice that kind of question. I say, salah dua2. You guys for not coming to class and maaflah lecturer tapi I can't adapt to your laissez-fairre method of teaching anymore. You can be that way, joke that way, have your class environment that way but NOT when you are teaching or grading us. Berapa kerat yang rajin buat extra research? Nil.

Finally disuruh pindah to the former platform to continue with our route. I've been writing from my phone dari Kuang. Tak settle2 lagi. Tak sampai KL Sentral lagi. Dahla belum mandi. Hahahaha konon2 style American. Padahal tak tahan sejuk.

Oh! Hoping for sufficient amount of money to go backpacing with Shaffiq in Summer 2011. Yg penting, lepas grad - INDONESIA! Get AISEC to help too.

Train is here. Nak berak

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