When it comes to food, everyone is their own army!


I got 2 incidents I MUST tell everyone.

Incident 1
Main character: Ya

After leaving Timah for the final time on 30th November, Ya and I went back to Sungai Buloh. Mama served us sup gearbox with meatballs in addition to our Sani char kuetiau. After finishing our kuetiau, we attacked the gearbox. There are 2 sides of the muscle and ligament which we love because its chewy and so nice to eat. Ya finished one side and 'pass the baton' to me. I started biting my side of the bone while she was looking- no, staring, at me. As I got to the third bite (with the very appealing crunch sound mind you), ya can't help it anymore and exclaimed NAK!! I was laughing already sebab muka dia sangat kasihannnn. I told her I dont think Im ready to be married if Im not satisfied eating like that. Ya replied. (here's the best part) "tu lah..kita ni macam CARNIVAL kan?"

Yerp! She joined carnivore and cannibal together.

Incident 2
Main character: Eikha

Yesterday E, Ya, Redza, Ayaq and I had late lunch at Mahligai's club house while waiting for the rain to stop. We planned to go swimming when the rain pours, so us girls who were famished made them boys eat with us too. After eating, I bought a bun to be eaten with my teh o. The rest have finished and were walking towards the gazebo. I had a bun on 1 hand, and my cup of tea on the other so I was not sure how to avoid the rain from getting in my tea. "Alaaaaa, cemana ni? Nanti hujan masuk dalam air" to which Eikha replied, "Entah Fa ni, genius. Meh la I habiskan roti you tu!"

I was dumbfounded when I heard that and just cracked up laughing. Redza pun dah tak boleh control his laughter. You're the genius E!

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha I was hungryyyyy laaaa!

  2. hahahahahhahahaha! fa! bunyi crunch tu buat ya tak tahan nak rasa jugak la! haih.

  3. Eleeeeeh cover line, hahaha.


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