Hi my name is Farah Hani, I am 20 and I have the J Fetish.

What does 20 feel like? The same! Im a year older but I do feel the same because I am still in the same environment, still doing the same thing. The difference is that I have more friends. Facebook friends is hitting 1000 and almost all minus 20 maybe, are real life friends. Some I just made at SEACHANGE.

What else is different? The celebration this year! I actually celebrated it. Wow! With Jaja and Sherry pulak tu. 2 girls I was close to in school who are not my classmates nor my bestfriends. It was really great that they made effort to celebrate with me. Terharu! We went to Pavi for tea and jalan-jalan. Cotton On rocks my cotton! Walking around Pavi feels like a reunion. I met Suhaila, Yonna, Lynna and Hanis. Funny day!

Not celebrating it with best friends, (Millie/ Nana/ Lya/ Emon) no changes there. Not celebrating it with family, no changes there since the last 10 years? Birthday treat at restaurants? Ahaa! Im gonna tuntut dinner at Tetikus from Ayah Sham because he promised it. Abg E treated me to a birthday lunch at Quan Ice-Cream Shop. Sedap!! We went with Hani and Kak Anum.

My collegemates was the funniest bunch. They planned with the whole class to boycott me, not talk to me, pretend they don't hear a thing when i talk to them but KORANG SEMUA FAIL !! The moment I came inside the class that morning, Hanna was already shouting greeting me from far. Despite DaddyDat being in front, teaching. Then all the ex-Timah and Arie came in sitting behind me. Since I wasn't there for the past 3 days, I need updates from them about Warna Nyte. Jadinya borak-borak jugalah.

Kecik and Sara went out during DaddyDat's class and only came back when Econs started. The girls was laughing joined by the rest of ex-Timah. When I asked, they said they were playing game tahan gelak. Something we always play during class when we are bored. But I sensed something was different when they didn't look at me or reply to anything I said. I just brushed it off.

At the end of the class, Sara announced for the class to sing to me as my birthday falls on Friday and we don't have class on Friday. After lunch Arie finally spilled the beans. They planned with the whole class to boycott me but none of them followed except for Nanie. Arie was pissed when some of them actually said "sekejap" (Rasid), "I lupa, start semula" (Phia), "Lepasni" Bip and the rest. Sumpah korang kelakar. Arie actually gave up.

I sat on the right side of the class. The ex-Timah girls and Arie was sitting behind me. So when I talk to the people from the other side, they made faces and gestures behind me to hint to the other side that they shouldn't talk to me. Damn it would be so much funnier to have a video of that.

That evening Abah and Mama picked me up from Timah so we left home for Sungai Buloh. At 8pm, Yana called.
Hani, kenapa you balik? Sapa bagi you balik? You sengaja nak lari eh? Siap you lepas ni kene lagi teruk!
Well, I didn't know kot. They didn't say they were planning for something. (Actually they did. Instead of showering me with flour and eggs, they want to mix together a concoction of chili sauce, mayonese, milk, and jeruk. All the thing I hate.) So yeah, I should be expecting for something.

Girls, thank you for your thought. Everyone, thank you for the birthday wishes. Some I got from the people I didn't expect. My love goes to you. Thank you so much! And yeah, never plan for the planner. It just won't be as good =)

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