What are the chances of our path colliding? Will you meet me halfway?


I was a nomad when i was younger. We moved a lot, from Kampung Baru to Taman Maluri to Pandan Jaya to Balakong to Desa Moccis to Shamelin Perkasa to Pandan Perdana and finally back to Desa Moccis.

Being in many places, i dont know or remember much of my neighbours. Heck, i dont even see them much as we will go out early in the morning after subuh and only come back at night. The only neighbours i can think of and actually 'adopt' as my neighbours are Ya's neighbours in Taman Keramat Permai. That's where i grew up. My adopted neighbourhood.

My earliest memory of childhood friends other than my cousins are my next door neighbours from Jalan Pria 2, Taman Maluri. I don't remember much about them but I remember the brother sister duo, Shamin and Tasya.

They moved before we did. And they gave me a picture of them in a rabbit frame as a parting gift. I like, love, and treasure that gift so much! I remember showing it to everyone who came to my house. And i made Abah write their name at the back of the picture. Im glad he did it because i never forgot them.

Each house we moved in, their picture will be on display. 17 years have gone past without me seeing them, ever! Abah and mama met their parents a few years back but lost contact again.

Im hoping to see them again. Or at least have them as my facebook friend. So if any of you readers might know a certain Tasya who has a brother named Shamin who use to live in Taman Maluri, please let me know. I dont know any other details nor the name of their parents but I do have their picture. Thank you!

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