How can you bloody work for something you have no passion for and know nothing about?


Seriously Im so frikking pissed! I just dont get how people would want to be in a part of something but they clearly are not interested in. Kenapa? Nak nama je ke? Nak sijil? Im so pissed sebab my ass is on the line. Pastu aku nak jaga kebajikan kau pula lah? Hello! You are under me, kalau pun aku menyampah ke apa ke, bila orang kutuk kau. Aku back up! Sebab your working together with me. Its a collabrative effort lah! Penat lah kalau aku nak buat semua.

Geramnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Boleh tak you are suppose to handle just a little piece. And you dont know what I told you to do. Format tak tau, kat mana benda tu tak tau. Tentang apa tak tau! I suruh tengok you boleh cakap tak sempat kot? Its been there for 1 month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can you not know about it? Argh! Sorry you've been busy? My arse you're busy. Aku lagi busy lah!

Nak ungkit cerita busy? I got 4 group projects. I need to have a survey and research done! I interviewed and wrote a report on an organisation! I need to shoot a video and present it next week. I need to create a website and present it. I went to a conference and need to write a report. I was in the organising comitee for events. I covered most of the events this month. Nak cakap u lagi busy? Bring it on!

Seriously, Im letting you go. Good for nothing. Because having you here is just the same as not having you around. *dirt off my shoulder*

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