To sense, to select, to perceive


Yes I have issues with you. I have issues looking at you, seeing you in front of me, listening you talk to me. I have issues with you lips, honey. I have issues with you wanting to be flirty to me. I have issues regarding friends around you and me. I have issues.

I told you not to sweet talk me. Dont butter me up because you don't know how much Im holding myself not to melt away.

Dont show me your get-out-of-jail-free pass because its you who are free. I wont be, because i'll be locked and you'll hold the key.

You want to be friends? Lets be friends. Good enough to talk trash to each other but never close enough to declare something or the other.

Keep your vague intentions to yourself. Dont say things you don't mean. One of us might end up understanding it differently and expects more than what we have to offer.

I sense you having a bad effect on my heart. I can't select you because you're not good enough for me. I perceive you to be a problem.

The reason I ask you directly is to keep confusion aside. What did you do? You flirt.
The reason I declined was to restraint myself falling for you. What did you do? You asked me what's the problem? Well its you.
Now tell me, what will you do if I appeal to you to not flirt?

Just so I can stop the feelings I already have for you.

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  1. Hahahahahahaha. Janganlah terjerumus Fa. I'm sorry, but I have to laugh, hahahaha. :P


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