What if a guy you like calls you in the middle of the night, out of the blue asking you to call him back which you stupidly did only to find him seeking you asking for advice about a girl he confessed on when he just recently said he doesnt believe in courtship because it leads to a break up?


Fuh! Terbaek kan? Mcm drama melayu.

So you call your still awaken friends who are willing are forced to listen to you to wail out. Thanks ya, cwoo and ema.

And then you went out for ice-cream and wholesome laughing session. Thanks hakim, chaq and ken.

Later you come home and seek your girlfriends. Thanks sara, sofia and yana.

AND you slept in, skipped 2 morning classes because you know you can't sahur due to morning indigestion. Minum lagi carbonated drinks dah tau you can't stomach anything without having the after effects later on.

So yeah. The best thanks is definitely to Z.

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  1. damn,gle babi weh. drama melayu abes. hmmm,dh top up nnti i call u yea.

  2. Cakap dekat dia Eikha cakap dia gila.


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