Showing your stripes


Its not as much about people who suddenly reveal their true nature. Its about a group of people who have been around each other for 2 years to fully understand the effects of working together in a group. This semester proves to be a challenge for ALL of us as ALL the subjects needed us to work in groups. As Mark Twain said it in 1935, 'Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anyone.'

Since one has actually work with almost all 50 people in the class, one would know who to avoid and who to work with. May i add that its hard to decide who will be your group members because you are torn between the guilt of rejecting, the desperation of completing the group and the desire to be the best among the rest. And yes, the main problem. You can't deny your best friends even if they turn out to be the most uncommitted member. Alamak!

Its amazing to see after 2 years, a lot of us decided to keep mum and jeopardize the result of the group work rather than break the link as group mates just to maintain the friendship chain. And as for those rather brave ones (or stupid enough to follow their hothead or can't find another solution) who made the move to disassemble their group, there goes the friendship too.

Amazing isn't it? So now, guess where I'll be? Among those hotheads who can't find other solution except to 'give option for members to leave the group' or among those who silence themselves to guard their kinship?

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