13++ points to show guys gossip more than girls


  1. All of them belong in one big group with one common ground, the love for the girls.
  2. Lepak session always involve 2 things, lots of cigarettes and girl guy talk.
  3. The main topic of guy talk will be girls.
  4. It could be about the one that was passing by them.
  5. Their current eye candy.
  6. The ones who use to attract their eyes.
  7. The ones who is interested in them.
  8. The ones who WAS interested in them.
  9. The ones that annoy them. Ie: a classmates, a girl from different clique.
  10. Their friend's girlfriend.
  11. Their girlfriend's friends.
  12. Their friend's friend.
  13. Maria Ozawa.
Tak percaya? Try lah. You will strike off at least 3 points. Hah! Don't say you hate girls for gossiping. You all are gossipers too.

XOXO, you know you love me.

Footnote: This came up because some people just love bringing back old issues. Not knowing they're not any better compared to the ones they are judging.

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