Scouting again!


Remember dulu I had to find models for magazine photoshoot because I don't want to do it myself. Eh hello, muka aku masuk magazine, mmg lawak terbaik. 2 days back, Abah texted saying his friend wants me to take part in his photoshoot, I laughed out loud. Tolong cari friends who can be the models, yes I can do that. Myself as the model? Hilarious!

They want 3 photogenic teenage looking girls and maybe 2 boys. I asked around if anyone is interested. Shara definitely wants in (what a surprise). Actually I didnt ask that much, I decided to just bring my external hard drive and show them the photos of my friends. Let them pick and decide. Only then I'll tell them. Can?

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  1. i pun nak gak posing dalam magazine! ;D

  2. wah bestnyer!!
    i nak!!!!
    congrat bby mwax!


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