The jamban is back!


Yay!! Toilet ku sudah berjamban kembali.
Its such a relief to be using the best toilet in the house again! Showering and pooping feels so wonderful in my own toilet. It does!

Went to YOUTH '09 on Friday to hang out with Milly and her DevoTee label. Sadly rasa macam sekejap sangat. She left for Manchester the same night. Miss you syg, come back soon!

Dan on Sunday pergi lagi. Naik van Ayaq, bersama satu Timah. Macam roadtrip. The journey was fun and funny because a guy was driving 6 (konon bajet hot) girls. You get what the scenario looks like. We turn heads all the way. Haha funny!

Sampai sana VIOLET was performing! It was a surprise for all of us definitely. Later met up with Wawa, had Ken joined us, accidentally bumped into Jaja. It was expected. To bump into lots of people I know, that is. Since Im rabun, tak notice ramai orang la obviously. Kalau tak sure ramai lagi jumpa.

And NO! I did not spend any money on anything. It was a free event, I didn't buy anything. I just paid for food.

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