So I'm having my internship at Bates 141 Malaysia right now. Uploaded the picture on my second day but writing this on my forth day. Experience so far? So-so. Im not THAT busy. Because I still have time to FB, tweet, tumblr and surf the internet. Everyone else seems to be idle too.

My first day was not satisfying for me. I didnt get proper introduction to the people, had to learn their name and faces as I go. I didnt get the background details of Bates 141, their nature and their clients. But I have to applaud them for their fast action. They gave me my own station to work at, plus a computer. And I was also given my own email, network access ID and password to most of the things we are using (such as machines and online account).

On the second day, the office manager hooked up the telephone line for me. I was pretty excited to be getting my own direct line! Heh. And I also got access card to enter the office. Thus the picture! Enthusiastic much?

My work as of now is simple stuff, like burning the CDs for client's reference. Research some stuff for the creative director to pitch to client and also gather advertisements of competitors for comparison. Other things are even more tedious stuff like photocopying job requisitions and circulate it for the people listed in it and filing of memos and account billings.

I really like the office space, its so comfortable! My first impression, warm and cosy. We have a coffee machine that is turning me into an avid coffee drinker. A red sofa where people have formal meeting in the most unformal way AND a day bed! I wouldnt mind staying late. Or even living there. There's a mini fridge, a microwave, pantry area that looks like a bar. Oh yeah and a TV. Not enough? Get this, there's a shower and a small room next to it which is the surau but can easily jadi tempat tidur kalau dah tak larat sangat. Cukup lengkap tak?

As for the people and the experience, lets just say I have high hopes for the place. Hope for them
(and myself) to warm up soon. As of now, Im the only intern. 2 more are expected to join us next week. Pleaseeee God, let them be some cool people I can get along with. Thank you!

P/s: Monday morning, received an email invitation from the branch manager. The whole office is invited for after dinner drinking session to welcome 3 new staff and to bid farewell to 3 other who are leaving. I guess that's how they roll!

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