Princess Pink!


This is my niece, Aryanna Arwen Johanabas. One of the youngest in the family, definitely the wittiest and cutest thing everrrrrrrr! Semalam went for dinner courtesy of her parents, Abang Ayis and Kak Lisha and got to meet this little princess! Geram gila okay. Mula-mula sepperti biasa lah she started of being the NO girl that she is. Then warmed up to me when I told her there's a book in the back seat of the car next to me. She showed me the pictures in the pages, and on one particular page she smirked and told me "Arwen makan ni",  while pointing a small part of the page that was torn. So cute, I don't even!

Babies don't really like me. Since Arwen is moving to the toddler stage, I guess that's why suddenly she wants to play with me. Its a bit weird for me that she was the one who initiated the simple games like 'stealing' my hand, or asking me to hug her when the car swerve to left or right, and holding my hand to keep me safe during the journey.

She used to call me Aunty Fa, but yesterday she kept calling me Aunty Ya. Got mixed up to my cousin Ya. When we correct her, she call me by a new name. Aunty Far. And we can hear the emphasist on the R. Hehehehe geraaammm! That's not even the best thing yet.

After dropping me off, Abang Ayis told me that Arwen said to Kak Lisha, "Arwen sad Mama. Arwen not happy." Because I was gone! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can be cuter or not!!!! And I thought I couldn't love her more!

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