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Kita mula dengan cerita Abah talking in his sleep. Last night at about 2 A.M. while I was watching How I Met Your Mother, I heard Abah talking. But he was sleeping! Couldn't really hear what he was saying but he sounded formal. Turns out he was teaching silat in his sleep! Step 3. Damn kelakar. Gelak guling-guling pagi buta. AIh. Padahal tak sampai seminggu pun lagi dia start mengajar semula.

Petang tadi I got like 3 missed calls of unknown number. And that person left me 3 voice mails. So I check and 2 were of him saying 'hello?' but the last one (which I checked first) was of him playing a guitar. It was a real sweet gesture. If only I know who it was and if he really was playing it for me. Just my luck! Wrote it on twitter and Anteyna guessed Z? I doubt it! He's at work. Rajin pulak kan? Dahlah ni musim dia tak berapa nak wujud. Wished it was him though, ehe!

Semalam Hammy put on her status Jazz Hayat's I Stalk Your Profile and tonight baru I watch it on YouTube. I'm hooked! Boleh comel lagi tak? And tersangat benar dan jujur liriknya. Nah!

And then this girl did a cover of it. And also a comeback titled Don't Stalk My Profile. The girl on the right is Putri Norizah. Good voice no? Turns out she's the daughter of Ibnor Riza. Well, its in her blood.

Paling I semangat nak tunjuk. The cutest phone evaaaahhh! If its a person, I'll adopt it. Z and I were talking bout phones yang berteknologi tinggi tapi menyusahkan hidup bila terpaksa reformat dan hilang all contacts like his BB. Or like mine which do not display the caller's name eventhough its already saved in the phone book. So he suggested John's Phone!

Tengok eh comel gila. Keypad bulat-bulat. Pastu yang orang kecik kat hujung tu macam penguin. GERAM!

Pastu number phone keluar kat buntut. Kau boleh comel lagi tak!!!

Phone ni boleh call in and out je. Numbers store in SIM Card. No other functions. SMS pun takde. Pastu nak store numbers semua tulis sendiri pakai pen dan macam kertas  khas tu eh. Simpan.

Tapi phone ni boleh main game. Tic-Tac-Toe belakang tempat tulis number phones tu. Funny! And it comes in a few other colour. Yang ni black and pink.

Geram. Saya nak!

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  1. Phone tu memang ada ke? I stalk your profile tu creepy aaahhhh.

  2. Im not sure. Z cakap he saw it in Mid Valley once.

    I stalk your profile creepy kalau u kene stalk. But we all do it. Friends we wished we didnt have a fall out with.

    that person that didnt happen. the ex. family members ur in a feud with. everyone have the same experience at least once.


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