ABCBCD 2011 Family Day


What started off as a family reunion slash telematch just for the fun of it at White House, Pekan (not THAT White House) on 2000 turned bigger and better every time we organized it. And this year, ABCB got extended to ABCBCD to include the paternal side of my mum's family as well. Here are some of the pictures from the first ever telematch:

And now, those kids in the pictures are all grown up. All of us finished school, most of us are in universities and we now have these new generations to take our place. Because now, we don't play the games anymore. We play AND create the games. We are in the organizing committee!

After the games, its as usual...JUMP IN THE POOL! Kali ni memang semua pakcik makcik mandi pool, but I hated the water! Rambut jadi sticky even after shampoo 3 kali. Sampai sekarang pun macam ada saki-baki ickynes lagi. As Kak Lisha put it, we were all Kak Limah-ed!

Petang, for tea, my uncle brought Kuantan's favourite Cendol Mustafa to cater at our family day. It was blazing hot, so memang teramat sedaplah bermangkuk-mangkuk cendol dan berpinggan-pinggan keropok lekor. I had some, but didn't join in for the evening activities. Tak larat sebab demam. Ceritanya, rounders was cancelled. Jadi they all played Galah Panjang. 1 team adults, 1 team kids. I love all the pictures from the game. Badan masing-masing meliuk-lentuk. Expression so funny and happy!

The best part? Semua orang bercampur! The kids don't exactly grow up together. Some are schooling and raised in KL macam Julia, Raisa, Dina and anak-anak Kak Long. Mondoqids from Semenyih,. Yang besar di Kuantan pun bukan semuanya selalu berjumpa macam anak-anak Ayah Pu, anak beranak Mak Yan and Mak Lin. Faiq anak Uncle Lan lagi lah jarangnya berjumpa. But they all played together macam dah biasa main sama-sama. Semua selesa dengan each other. I love that so much!

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